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Nairobi, kenya - May 2018

A breathtaking experience in Nairobi's schools where we found out that every pupil in Kenya who goes to school knows to speak English!

Their calligraphy is outstanding and the teachers are very involved in every student's progress, despite their economical situation.



Hamburg, Germany - 2018

Meeting UNESCO representatives in  Hamburg, Germany to develop together Lifelong Learning projects.

Our organization was selected as Romanian member of the Collective Consultation of NGOs. for EDUCATION 2030 , UNESCO program.



New York, USa - december 2017

 Human Rights topic, Institute for Studies of Human Rights, University of Columbia in New York, USA.  Establishing good relationship with the most passionate people working on Human Rights, international level. Beyond neutrality, the humanitarian system has strong roots in our NGO, willing to raise awareness on Human Rights around the world. 



Bansko, Bulgaria - november 2017

Meeting Bulgarian teachers and Secondary Schools students for sharing good practice examples in education through sport, music and interculturality. Bansko, Bulgaria, 2017




Santa Cruz, Tenerife - october 2017

The largest high-school in Tenerife, Canars Islands, IES La Laborar, was the host for our visit in October 2017.  200 students and 10 teachers were the subject of sharing points of view about improving educational field, with a special focus on actual students' needs.




Tokyo, Japan - July 2016

The most important educational institutions in Tokyo, Yokohama, Ashikaga were the hosts for our team visit in July 2016. 2 meetings with Japanese inspectors and teachers facilitated our team to be introduced to Japanese educational style, discipline, Asian mentality in personal development. As a result, our NGO facilitates the implementation into the Romanian educational field the basic rules of the Japanese way of lifelong learning.



Bratislava, slovakia - 2011



Bristol, United Kingdom - 2006