2018 - The handwriting, an art


The 2nd edition of the National Contest of Calligraphy implemented by our organization in partnership with Romanian Minister of Culture, Calligraphy School of Tallinn and with support of Romanian National Radio, GAUDEAMUS - International Book Fair and Romanian National Library.   

The theme was to design a book cover of the preferred belletristic book.



Echo about the first edition on this page below.

2017 - The handwriting, an art


The amazing form of communication through writing which transmits behind the word also the emotions of the writer was the starting point for our organization, to organize the 1st edition of the National Calligraphy Contest in Romania in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Culture and the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow

More than 900 works of the Romanians in the country and diaspora have participated to the contest, and the most appreciated works, selected by the international jury, were exhibited at the ExpoCaligrafia event, Romanian National Library, Bucharest.